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Monday, May 28, 2012

MAY 29, 2012 Helaman 5:9-11 Hello from...BANGKOK!!!! I still cannot believe I am here!! SO crazy! This city is so freaking huge and cool! I am in a part of Bangkok called Bang Naa. I am not really sure where exactly it is. Being here is so cool, but I really miss Khorat. I love all the members and investigators there SO much. But I know I will come to love everyone here too. So, I was totally planning on sending pictures, but my bag that has the USB cord in it...along with my scriptures, preach my gospel, dictionaries, pens (ya know, all the unimportant stuff, hahaha), got left on the it is now with the zone leaders in Khon Kaen about 6 hours from here. Luckily they are bringing it down for me in about three weeks. So I promise I will send tons of pictures then to make up for these couple of weeks. Sorry! My companion is Sister Skalla, who was in the MTC with me! She came in 6 weeks after me. She is such a sweetheart and I am so excited to be companions with her. Oh yay, I bet the kids are all way exited to be out of school and to go swimming! I can't wait to go swimming! : ) Yay, I'm glad you were able to see Josh. Are he and Alyssa together again, or are they just friends? And is he still planning on a mission? Yay! I am so exited for a new neice!!! I can't wait to see pictures when she gets here. There is tons of sushi here, but not usually at Thai restaurants, there are just TONS of Japanese restaurants here, and they all have it. I tried to eat sushi with Sister Tano, but I couldn't. I almost threw up when I tried!! But I am finding a lot of other Japanese foods that I really like. You will love all the sushi and Thai food here when I bring you back though! and thank you SO SO much for putting money in for me. I really really appreciate it. I so wish I could help you unpack, and clean house, and help with kids and cook dinner and all that. I am sorry I can't, but I am so grateful for your support in my being here. I definitely am supposed to be here right now, and I just pray that God blesses you all while I am out here. K, well I love you all tons, and miss you like crazy!! Have an absolutely amazing week, and enjoy the last week of school/first week of summer! Have fun at roaring springs and the pool! Love ya! Jess

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